Frequently Asked Questions

Does UTMPLAY contain any channels? Where can I get a good playlist?

UTMPLAY and any administrator does not help you to getting find a good playlist. Also we dont provide any kind of playlists. We are not responsible for the content uploaded to our APP.

Please dont byuy the app when you dont have any playlist or Media for the APP, because no channels are included after the activation in this app. You payment will not be refunded if you  buy it without having any list or something is not workng. 

My MAC address has changed after I switched to another connection type.

Each TV has 2 MAC addresses (1st is WiFi, 2nd is Ethernet) and a 2nd MAC is activated automatically after you switch to another connection type and restart the app. MAC address is unique for every TV  and  cannot be changed manually. 

Why is the app freezing on start.

Because the app everytime when you start it, need to load the list from your source or providers server.

Can i change the background image of the APP?

Yes, under settings you can find other themes. There are 3 themes for you!

Why is the app not working when the PLAYLIST worked on my computer?

This can caused because of the ISP lock, if your computer is in a different Network. But when the network is same as your computer and it is not working it can be caused because of your TV`s supported  format. Not every Smart-TV support all contents.  Every TV model are totally different or may not support specific stream formats!

Below you can see the supported formarts from Smart TV`s: 

Why i can not start the APP?

This is maybe because of your internet connection, please check at first your internet connection befor you contact your provider. Many times it is caused because of the connection and not because of the provider!

Do the UTMPLAY have an EPG-SYSTEM?

No, the app didn`t have an EPG system integrated but if oyur provider has an EPG - READY sysem then it would work with our platform.